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What is social trading?
What is social trading?

Learn what social trading is and how it can help you begin your investing journey

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Social trading is a form of investing that allows investors to observe the trading behaviour of other more experienced traders and to follow their investment strategies using NAGA Autocopy that allows users to copy trade anyone on NAGA.

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Social trading is also often used for social networks for traders to interact with like-minded users, discuss current market conditions, share your trading results in real-time.

NAGA is a social investing network that opens up a world of opportunities to up your trading skills level as well as be part of a big trading community. Simply put: similarly to how you follow people on other social media as well as like their posts and photos, you can follow traders at NAGA and copy all of their trades. If you are an experienced and successful trader you can also promote yourself as a trader and get more people to copy your trades. For each copy of your trade by other traders, you will receive a commission from NAGA that is called "Copy Premium". Thus, by becoming a popular trader on NAGA you can actually earn money if other traders copy you.

Here are some useful links that would help you to dive into the social trading with NAGA:

Below is a more detailed explanation of some of the social trading features at NAGA:

Benefit from copying other traders

Auto copying is one of the key features that enable you to replicate the activities of other traders and receive their knowledge of trading. You no longer need to rely on your analysis and execution. You just need to find the Traders that fit into your trading style. Any trades the Copied Trader opens will simply be opened in your trading account. Every single one of your copied trades is being opened and closed instantly. After all, even a mere millisecond in the markets can result in misses in P/L, something that we don’t want anyone within our socially enhanced financial system to experience.

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Connection with the trading community

NAGA delivers to you a convenient interactive News Feed where You can exchange experiences in posts for the community and engage with other traders by liking, commenting and sharing. You can use both the News Feed and the Messenger to grow your network by generating content that’s both relevant and valuable. This way you can not only increase your followers but also your copier-base. Sure, auto copying other traders from all around the world is important and necessary but a connection between traders is what makes the whole experience much useful and incentive.

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Get copied and earn copy premium

Becoming a top trader is a challenging road that requires great trading skills and experience. NAGA gives you a chance to develop your trading strategy even further and benefit from being copied by other traders. Use News Feed to equip yourself with the latest market insights and sentiment, show excellent trading performance, rank up the leaderboard and get copied by newcomers. Every time someone copies your trade, you will instantly receive a copy payout straight to your account! Don't forget about your profile page that summarises your trading statistics, shows the win-rate percentage, number of auto-copiers and any performance indicators in the Stats panel.

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