What can you trade?

Learn what and how you can trade at NAGA

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Learn what you can trade at NAGA

NAGA offers a variety of assets to invest in, currently we offer over 1000+ assets on the platform. We're constantly adding new markets and instruments according to your feedback and demand. You can always check tradable assets under the Markets section in the mobile app or the web app on your desktop device.

Supported asset groups:

🔵 Forex

🔵 Contracts for difference (CFDs)

🔵 Real stocks

🔵 CFDs on Indices

🔵 CFDs on Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

🔵 CFDs on Futures

🔵 CFDs on Commodities

You can also check all of the markets and assets available at NAGA here.

Real stocks are available in MT5 trading accounts. If you don't see real stocks in your Markets section, try switching to another trading account or open a new live MT5 trading account.

🧑‍💻 Learn how to add a trading account in this article.

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