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Demo account vs Live account
Demo account vs Live account

Learn the difference between DEMO and LIVE accounts at NAGA

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All users at NAGA have an option to use a demo (test) trading account in addition to their live (real-money) trading account.

Demo account is a great way to get acquainted with the platform, its interface and test-drive your trading skills risk-free with a test trading balance of $10,000. However, you need to understand that many of the features at NAGA, including copy trading, require opening a live account to be able to benefit from them.

Demo account

When opening a demo account, you instantly receive a test balance of $10,000 to try out trading on NAGA, risk-free and fully free of charge. It's completely safe – you will not lose any cent even if all of your demo trades turn out unprofitable! With a demo account you can explore the markets and assets offered by NAGA, check out the Feed, see the leaderboard and open demo trades.

🔵 Opening a demo account is really simple. Once you sign up on NAGA, you get the demo account by default. And you do not have to worry: the demo account is free of charge and it is not binding.

❗️You can't withdraw money from a demo account. If you're making profitable trades, consider upgrading to a live account to be able to deposit and withdraw.

Live account 👤

When you decide that it's time to use NAGA with real money, copy trade our best performing traders as well as withdraw your profits, you will need to upgrade your account by going through a short questionnaire and providing your proof of identity (like an ID or a passport) and a proof of residence (a bank statement or a utility bill) to us.

Upgrading to Live is quick and easy and it’s jam-packed with awesome features, like the Autocopy!

Here are the benefits you will unlock with upgrading your account:

🔵 Real-money deposits and withdrawals

🔵 NAGA Autocopy feature that would allow you to copy trading strategies of other traders at NAGA

🔵 And many other amazing features

🧑‍💻 You can learn more about upgrading your account in this article.

❗️When you upgrade your account to live, you will still be able to switch to demo as well as open multiple live accounts.

🧑‍💻 Learn how to open a live trading account here.

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