Transferring funds to NAGA Exchange is a simple process due to the integration of NAGA Crypto-Wallet, a fiat and multi-cryptocurrency wallet that is fully integrated and interconnected with all products of the NAGA ecosystem. 

Please note that the transfer will be executed as soon as possible. The maximum time frame is 1 business day (24 hours. In case your transfer has not been completed please contact Customer Support. 

To deposit funds into your NAGA Exchange account, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Crypto-Wallet page
  • Select a currency (fiat or cryptocurrency) click the “Send to” button and choose Exchange.
  • Select the amount and press on Transfer to Exchange.

You will then receive an email, to your registered email address requesting to confirm your transfer.

Once it is confirmed you can find your funds in NAGAX wallet.

Alternatively, you can login to NAGAX, select wallet and choose option “Deposit”. 

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