Step 1:

Login to the exchange where you have your NGCs stored

Step 2: 

Go to the balance / holdings section and find “NAGA” or “NGC” by searching for it.

Step 3:

Tap on the “Withdraw” Button

Step 4: 

In the recipient's wallet address, use your NGC address.

To obtain your NGC address, go to and scroll to your NGC Crypto wallet.

Tap on the “Receive” button and copy the displayed address. This address is your personal NGC address in NAGA.

Step 5:

Execute the withdrawal

Step 6: 

Your exchange will inform your about the transfer. NAGA will send you an e-mail upon the pending arrival of your tokens.

Step 7:

If you have received the NGCs successfully, you can either keep the NGCs on your wallet, send them to your NGC-based trading account (Approved Real-Money Account required) or send the NGCs to the NAGAX.

The options are displayed on the NGC crypto wallet by tapping on the  “Send to” button. 

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