We are happy you asked!  Basically, the NAGA Card is the banking link to your trading account! With our integrated card and IBAN solution you can now easily transfer funds from your trading account straight to your NAGA Card and pay for, say, pizza at that new Italian bistro you've been wanting to try out!

The NAGA card is a multi-currency card with an IBAN account for fast & reliable global transactions. The NAGA card is a prepaid card, which means that it works a little like a debit card; you need to top it up with funds up to a predefined limit, and you can't spend more than what you have available.

With the NAGA Card, you have the option to easily manage 3 currencies from your member area - EUR (€), USD ($), and GBP (£). Its more unique feature: you can seamlessly transfer profits from your trading account directly to your NAGA Card!

 Discover all the features of the NAGA Card:

  • Easy-to-use dashboard to manage your NAGA Card and personal account

  • Pay online or offline, or withdraw cash from ATMs all over the world

  • Industry-leading security & secure online payments

  • Simplified verification process

  • Ability to directly withdraw from or deposit to your NAGA trading account

  • Online management of your funds via a single login at your MY NAGA member area.

Check out the NAGA Card video here for a visual intro to this great NAGA solution!

We hope that with this article we’ve answered your question and that you’re now ready to dive into the NAGA ecosystem and take advantage of all its benefits! 

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