NAGA Autocopy is an innovative feature that allows you to automatically copy the trading activity of other traders. You can trade like an expert, without the learning curve! All you have to do is find the trader of your choosing and simply Autocopy them - you will then mirror their trading activity, and their results!

There are two ways to Autocopy someone :

  1. Autocopy a Top Trader from the leaderboard - Go to Top Traders where you'll find the list of the top performing traders on the platform. You can compare key performance metrics straight from the leader board and also sort the list based on different factors such as Type of trader and Time Period. When you're ready, just click the Autocopy button to start copying the trades of any trader you want. 

  2. Autocopy a user directly from their profile page - Go to any user's profile page, by either placing their username in the search bar at the top of the page or by clicking on their profile directly from the Feed or Top Traders leaderboard. Their profile page will pop up where you can find in-depth information on their performance statistics and community activity. When you're ready, simply click on the Autocopy button under the user's profile information.

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