Naga does charge inactivity fees (known as dormant fees as well) since the 14th of October 2019. 

The fee amount is in the equivalent of 20 EUR and applies only to accounts that are inactive for three months in a row. In case you have not traded for more than 90 days, then the fee is charged. 

In order to avoid the fees, we encourage you to use the NAGA ecosystem by trading or using our services such the 2% Interest-Rate CFD, our Automated Investment portfolios.

If you use the NAGA Wallet or NAGAX but have no trading account activity, you are still considered an active client and will not be charged a single cent. 

This fee concerns users who have their trading account opened and funds deposited (EUR, GBP, PLN, USD or CHF) but show no activity.

For further details please contact our Customer Support via email, phone call or Live Chat. 

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