NAGA does offer an Islamic swap-free account. 

🔵 To obtain a swap-free account, you will need to inform our Support team via email from your registered email address.

🔵 Once you get your swap-free account, you will have 0 swap charges on all instruments* for positions that remain open for a maximum of 10 calendar days.

🔵 If you leave a position open for more than 10 calendar days, you will be charged 10 USD (or equivalent in your account's base currency) per day.

For example, if you close your position on the 12th day, you will be charged 20 USD (for the 11th and 12th day).

*IMPORTANT: Gold, Silver, and Oil CFDs are not included in the swap-free accounts. This means that the swaps for your positions in Gold, Silver, and Oil will be charged as normal.

🧑‍💻 We hope this guide was helpful! If you still have questions, please contact our Support Center via live chat, email, or phone!

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