As with any financial services provider (like a broker or bank), NAGA is required to verify the identity and location of any account holder to comply with laws, regulation, and our own compliance protocols.

Your information is always kept confidential and is only used in compliance with regulatory requirements.

The following are required in order to complete your account verification:

Government issued identification

Phone number verification

Proof of address


In order to avoid any account restrictions (trading halt, withdrawal of funds, or account closure) all clients should be verified as soon as possible.

At any point, NAGA has the right to request additional identification documents in accordance with regulation. It is important to remember that verification is an ongoing process, therefore when documents expire or too long a period has lapsed since previous submissions, we may be required to request additional or updated information.

We hope this guide was helpful. If you still have questions contact Support Center via Chat, Email, Phone.

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