It is possible that your active trade was closed automatically.
It can be for any of the following reasons:

  • Margin Call - this occurs when a trader's equity falls below the minimum maintenance margin requirement. It is simply the broker's demand for the investor to top up their account to meet the minimum margin requirements. Although most of this is now automated and you won't really be getting a call from your broker. You can check you margin level in real time any time you want by visiting or using the NAGA app

  • Activated NAGA Protector - NAGA Protector could have been activated and closed your trade. The Protector is a tool that help you control your losses and secure your profits. You can readjust your Protector’s preferences to change the profit/loss levels any time you want. 

  • Copied trade - If the trade in question was auto-copied from another trader, then it was closed by the other trader.

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