Benefit from 2% return per year with the NAGA Interest-CFD. The NAGA Interest CFD offers you a way to potentially benefit from global interest differentials i.e between European Central Bank and the US Federal Reserve. The interest rates difference between ECB and FED is more than 2%. The NAGA Interest CFDmakes this interest differentials tradable offering a current price performance of 2% p.a . Your return depends on the interest rate differentials. This is a ,long only’ product.

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Check some common questions :

Will I be obliged to deposit my money on the NAGA account for a longer time?

No! You can close out the NAGA Interest-CFD at any time and withdraw your funds without any extra cost.

NAGA is a social investing platform. Can I use my account to invest in other NAGA products, too?

With the NAGA Account you can use all of NAGA´s products. For example, if you fund your account with €2.000 and invest €1.000 into the NAGA Interest-CFD, you can use the remainder and invest or autocopy other NAGA Top Traders using ETFs, stocks or cryptocurrencies.

Are there any extra cost by investing into the NAGA Interest-CFD?

There are no account financing fees or cost at NAGA. The spread for buying and selling the NAGA Interest-CFD is also at €0.00.

By depositing my funds with NAGA, where are my funds kept?

NAGA works with renowned financial institutions, such as Donner & Reuschel (German Private Bank since 1786). Your money is always segregated from the company funds.

Is the NAGA Interest-CFD associated with increased loss potential through leverage?

The NAGA Interest-CFD can only be traded with a 1:1 leverage. Therefore it is not a margined product.

Is there a minimum investment amount for the NAGA Interest-CFD?

The minimum deposit for the NAGA Interest-CFD is €102.02.

Is the 2% return per year guaranteed?

No. However, thanks to our innovative technology and algorithms we detect any deviations and inform you in real time.

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