Dear NAGA Traders,

In order to keep you updated and ensure you have the best trading experience, please find the weekly change-log (14.02.2019 -22.02.2019).

Please note: If there are no new changes, it does not mean we stopped working on the platform. Some fixes / features might take several weeks. Everything however which is notable and available, will be posted in our weekly changelogs. 

Pro Tip: Always make sure you have the latest update of the NAGA iOS or/and Android app to avoid experiencing issues that are potentially already fixed.

Your NAGA Team

Android release | v8.0.38:

  • Changed the design for nested posts. 
  • The Tops and Flops moving banner on the MarketWatch screen was lagging & has been fixed. 
  • Android - Light/dark mode improvement implemented. 
  • Android - Expanded feed with user events (Liked post, commented post and Liked a comment).
  • Android - Trade closed feed items to be more prominent and show profit a bit more highlighted to our valued clients. 
  • Android – Added the managed funds filter on leader board.
  • Deep link support for implemented. 

iOS Release:

  • Most tagged users/symbol boxes on feed have been fixed.
  • Added the managed funds filter on leader board. 
  • Popup You missed an auto-copy opportunity is not showing image and text is difficult to read
  • Support plain text notification in notification bell with deep-link that will work for every new event sent from API
  • Trade closed feed implemented & items will be more prominent, and show profit a bit more highlighted. 
  • Leaderboard UI (User Interface) issues related to back button and autocopy button status has been fixed.
  • Leaderboard refreshing issue after appearing has been fixed.
  • Highlighted News - News with stocks tagged inside are showing value 0 & has now been fixed. 
  • How it Works, Filter by Date, NAGA trader TV design issues
  • Guest user is now able to close trades from active trade list.  

Web Trader Release:

  • A real time trading box on the right side of the feed has been implemented as per user requests.
  • Upcoming webinars widget has been implemented & is shown on left side of the feed. 
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