My NAGA is a virtual dashboard to manage your NAGA accounts (NAGA Wallet, NAGA Trader trading accounts, NAGA Card, Profile and Security Settings, News), and maintain your account’s security & profile status.


You can easily enter your account credentials and obtain access to settings and tools that help you manage your account. You are able to perform deposits and withdrawals for each NAGA Ecosystem project and even transfer funds between each project.

  • NAGA ACADEMY - With NAGA Academy you have the opportunity to access training content for every level of experience.
  • NAGA CARD - Your multi-currency card with an IBAN account for fast & reliable global transactions. With the NAGA Card, you have the option to manage 3 currencies (€, $, £) easily from the member area. In addition, you can always transfer your profits from your NAGA Trader account to your NAGA Card.
  • NAGA EXCHANGE - With NAGA Exchange, you will be able to fund and withdraw without any limit via the major credit cards and major banks. Our top level of security and fraud protection will give a totally new experience of data security. Features like Multi-factor Authentication or unlimited funding and withdrawals via major e-Wallets will be also available.
  • NAGA TRADER ACCOUNT - See the status of all your trading accounts in one place and directly access the NAGA trading platform. Learn more about NAGA Trader here.
  • NAGA STOCKS - With NAGA Stocks you can dive into the real stock market with NAGA Markets and our partner Interactive Brokers. Open a Stock Trading Account and become a real NAGA Shareholder NAGA is listed on the German Stock Exchange (N4G).
  • NAGA VIRTUAL - The main focus of NAGA Virtual lies in offering gamers a platform where they can sell and buy items to and from each other, thus positively converting the time and effort they have spent gaming. Another key aspect of NAGA Virtual is its ability to give gamers the freedom and possibility to trade from different games of different sources (PC, console, mobile etc.). Game publishers from the connected games benefit too. The platform offers an individual store for publishers, which serves as a direct income channel and a distribution platform for new items from their games.
  • NAGA WALLET - Access your NAGA Wallet account right from the dashboard. Manage your coins and tokens, exchange cryptocurrency, deposit and withdraw money and make internal and external transactions instantly. Learn more about the NAGA Wallet here.
  • PROFILE AND SECURITY SETTINGS - Update your personal information, upload your profile photo, change your password and set up the Multi-Factor Authentication in this section.
  • NEWS - Check out the most relevant and interesting news about trading, financial markets, and cryptocurrencies. Our News Feed AI provides a custom-tailored selection of articles, which perfectly suit your tastes.

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