Over 63,000 backers have made NAGA's ICO the world's second largest ICO in 2017 in terms of backers, with more than $50,000,000 raised.

One of the very smart advantages of NGC compared to other altcoins, is the fact that the NAGA Coin is an integral part of a comprehensive and refined NAGA ecosystem, which automatically provides a lot of perks to NGC holders. 

The NAGA Crypto-Wallet gives access to secure storage and instant transactions of cryptos, and NGC holders save 10% on the already low transfer fees with NAGA Coin.

NGC can also be used as a base currency in your investing account and can be also exchanged for cryptocurrencies and fiat within the NAGA Platform social trading . For our traders' convenience, there is a personal trading robo-advisor CYBO available on NAGA , and for the sake of greater performance it can also be funded with NGC.

The NAGA Coin holders who pay fees within the NAGA Ecosystem in NGC can clearly benefit from 50% lower trading fees on NAGA as well as 10%-50% lower transaction fees on NAGA Exchange. NAGA users can also benefit from double bonuses on autocopy while using NAGA Coin !

NAGA Coin can also be bought/sold at a whole lot of exchanges, including: 

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