Please check if the market is open. You can check the Trading Hours on our website.

In case you are experiencing difficulties with closing a trade, please try the following:

  • Clear your cache and cookies
  • Restart your Internet browser (if using Web-Browser)
  • Download the most recent version of NAGA App (iOS & Android)
  • Re-log in to NAGA Platform
  • Check NAGA's social media pages for announcements regarding maintenance

If none of the above helped, please contact us immediately .

If you wish to close your positions from our side, please send us an email with the order number of the transaction that you referring to , or just contact our Dealing Desk directly at  +357 25 211 680.


  • Online Support - Through the NAGA website, you can also start a Live Chat with the support Team, our support team is more than happy to assist you.
  • Email Support - Of course, you can contact us also via email, after sending an email to [email protected] you will receive immediately a contact confirmation with your ticket number.
  • Phone Support - Our customer support team is always happy to talk to you in person. Just give us a call +44 20 3318 4345 
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