Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a powerful way to increase the security of your NAGA Trader account. It adds a further layer of protection in addition to your login/password pair. To enable MFA, follow the guide below.



  • Press on your profile icon in the top right corner and go to Settings

  • Open Password & Security on the left sidebar

  • Press the Password & Security and then on the blue Enable Two-Factor Authenticator

Download an app for 2FA, for example, Google Authenticator (iOS, Android), Authy (all platforms) etc.

  • Scan the QR code or manually enter the secret key
  • Enter the authentication code returned by the app and press Submit

iOS & Android

Same as above ( Please note that the MFA Can be set up only from WEB -Not the application)


  • Make sure to back up your 2-step secret key
  • We strongly recommend you to enable the MFA not to get sensitive information compromised
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