NAGA Platform delivers you a user-friendly interactive News Feed where you can benefit from the latest financial news, stay aware of your friends' activity, and share news, updates or trading success. Let’s see below how to manage this section and what information can be found in the News Feed.

Profile Section (A) - a handy information box that summarizes your trading statistics by showing the win-rate percentage as well as the number of auto-copiers. It also shows you how many traders follow you, and how many you are following.

Quick Links (B) - right below the Profile Section is a set of useful links that will re-direct you towards Deposits & Withdrawals( Money Management) as well as NAGA Card. 

New Publication Box (C) - is the place to share your market thoughts, trading experience, or market articles! You can also attach images, videos, links, emojis and even add "status moods" if you really want to convey the message. Tag your instruments by using a hashtag (#), or tag other users by using "@". Let others know what you think!

Highlighted News (D) - is a constantly updated section with most recent market news, analyzed by our team of in-house market researchers. Most of the brief and informative articles are tagged with the relevant assets, which you can trade after reading in a click of a button. Highlighted News also features weekly Trader of the Week collection, with the details of the leading trader, whom you can auto-copy right away. 

Feed (E) - the main hub of news and activity of all traders on the platform. Check out most recent stories shared by others, their shared posts and trades. Engage with the rest, comment, like and share what you like! All activity of your friends and the users you are following will be displayed in the Feed.

Top Wins & Top Leaders (F) - a rank chart of top 5 traders by ROI per trade and a total P&L ratio per time period. See what traders profited the most on an asset, and who to auto-copy! Filter the traders by a time period - for the given day, week and month.

Tops & Flops (G) - is the list of top 5 assets which have increased in price over past 24 hours, as well as those which have decreased. Find out which asset is the best to trade right now and jump straight into trading!

Messenger (H) - Our internal messenger where you cat have a chat with your friends or join our public channels and  get in touch with other traders.

We hope this guide was helpful. Read more articles in the Help Center. If you still have questions contact Support Center directly via [email protected]

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