NAGA Portfolios let you invest in a basket of assets in a few clicks.

In case you are unable to invest in a portfolio, the possible reasons might be the ones below:

  • No live account: NAGA Portfolios are available for live accounts only. We encourage you to verify your account to receive full access to all of our services. To invest in a portfolio, you simply need to upgrade to a live account, deposit the minimum required amount and choose the portfolio you like. Find out more here.  
  • Not enough funds:  Every portfolio has a minimum investment threshold. Make sure you have enough funds on your balance to be able to invest ( check on the picture below where to find the minimum required deposit ). To deposit more funds to your NAGA account, read this article.
  • Trading Hours- Some portfolios (USA) are available in specific hours.

We hope this guide was helpful. Read more articles in the Help Center. If you still have questions contact Support Center directly via [email protected] 

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