In order to find a solution to your problem it's important to understand what causes the problem and the background. 

Overall, there can be several reasons that can cause your funds to be missing from the Wallet: 

  1. Front end malfunction, which means the interface simply does not show you the amount of your funds, but they are stored in a cold storage and are safe.
  2. Your wallet was hacked. This may be the case if you didn't setup MFA or someone got access to your email. Learn how to setup MFA here. Please contact the support team immediately if you think your account was hacked. NAGA Team always cares about the security of your funds and requests of more than 250 USD in value per day might be subject to manual approval by our security team.
  3. Back end or server lag. In such case the value is not shown to you, because of the bug or lag on our end. Please contact support immediately: [email protected]


There are several things you can do to try to fix the issue: 

  1. First, try to reload the page. If that didn't work reload it and clear cash, you can do that with shortcuts: Chrome and other common browsers (Ctrl+Shift+R on Windows and Cmd+Shift+R on Mac OS); Safari (Cmd+Option+R)
  2. If the problem still exists try logging out and logging back in to your account as well as using another web browser. 
  3. If the above didn't fix the problem, please contact support: [email protected]
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