Your NAGA Wallet is a secure gateway to trading stocks, virtual goods, and cryptocurrencies. It is automatically connected to your NAGA Trader account when creating an NGC-based account. You can easily send and store all your funds on all available accounts.

Our objective is to open up the financial markets for everyone. One of our main questions was, "why does it have to be this complicated?". NAGA has developed an easy, secure and free way to store cryptocurrencies and trade stocks!

With just a few clicks, you can transfer your cryptocurrencies holdings into trading credit.  


Transferring currencies within your accounts is easier than sending a bank-wire. You can convert NGC, BTC, XRP, BCH, ETH, DASH & LTC into your NGC based trading account.

  1. Visit the Member Area.
  2. SIGN IN using the top menu bar.
  3. Access the Wallet from the main menu.
  4. Simply choose the sending wallet and click on "Transfer to Trading" for NGC, or "Convert" for all other cryptocurrencies

Instant Transactions to other NAGA Wallet Accounts via E-mail Address

Also you can send internal transactions to other NAGA Wallet accounts using other account's email address. 

The transaction is instant as well as a lot cheaper than blockchain transaction. Moreover, you don't have to remember different complicated cryptocurrency address. 

We hope this guide was helpful. Read more articles in the Help Center. If you still have questions contact Support Center directly via [email protected] 

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