On NAGA Platform you can trade 800+ assets. Keeping track of the assets that interest you is easier if you set up a price alert. Price alert will ensure you always stay up-to-date with price changes.



  • Open Markets menu 
  • Choose any asset from the Markets menu :

  • Press the Add Price Alert button for the asset you want to set up the alert for

  • Choose the direction of price change: below or above.  
  • Choose the method of notification: email or push message.  
  • Press the Set Price Alert button to confirm your price alert:

Now all your price alerts will appear in the Price Alerts menu.
You may deactivate the price alerts and adjust the settings at any time.

Android & iOS

  • Press Price Alerts button in the menu.

  • Press on the Create a new alert

  • Choose your asset from the list ( Notify me if:) ( Not ethat you will only see here the assest which has been added in to your favourite)
  • Press the Set Alert button to confirm your price alert.

We hope this guide was helpful. Read more articles in the Help Center. If you still have questions contact Support Center directly via [email protected] 

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