Your NAGA account is your universal access point to all NAGA services. Therefore, it is important to keep your account information updated and to check your details from time to time. 


In order to access your account details, simply sign in to the NAGA member area at any time to manage your account. You can change your personal information, withdraw or deposit funds, check your balances and much more. 


To change your account information, please contact NAGA Support team via email  and provide them with the correct Information. If you have a verified account, please ensure that you attach any documents needed for the change. If you have moved and need to change your address, please attach a new proof of address you are registered with.

As soon as your request is received, we will proceed to change your account information. Usually, such changes are done immediately or within less than a few hours.  

We hope this guide was helpful. Read more articles in the Help Center. If you still have questions contact Support Center directly via [email protected] 

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