How can I register for a DEMO Account?


The usage of a demo account has many helpful features to start. One of the aspects is that you can use demo credits on a trading instrument of your choice to open a trade.

In addition, it offers every user the opportunity to get to know the modules of the platform.

But the most significant advantage of a demo account is that you can try different trading strategies without any risks.


The NAGA Trader Demo Account offers you the possibility to try NAGA Trader with 2,500 demo credits. With your demo credits you can explore more than 700 Instruments, and NAGA Trader features like CYBO - Our AI-powered trading advisor, and NAGA Protector - Our security option for secure your profits and more.

In addition, we offer you an awesome social media experience risk-free before upgrading to a live account.


To open a free demo account, download the NAGA Trader app, or visit the NAGA Trader website and press the Sign Up button to enter your chosen username, a valid email address, and a secure password for your account.



When creating a NAGA account we recommend:

  • Choose a password, which is not associated with your person.
  • Always check if the NAGA website you are currently on has a spelling error. It's possible that a third-party is creating a fake website, which only differs by a letter or a symbol.
  • Do not log in from public PCs and make sure that no one is able to see or spy on your password.

How can I register a LIVE account?


The use of a live account offers you many positive aspects. It gives you full access to our ecosystem that thanks to the universal access means you do not need any further access data. One e-mail and one password for all products & services.

In addition, you can take part in our Referral Program, Influencer Program and more.

Through the NAGA Achievements, you can also get amazing rewards like NGC Gifts and special discount for our debit card.


Through the NAGA LIVE account you unlock the following options:

  • Next-gen account funding - Fund your account with major cryptocurrencies, credit card or secure bank transfer.
  • Protect your profits and limit your losses with NAGA Protector.
  • Set up your own ROBO-ADVISOR, CYBO.
  • Auto Copy the best Traders and never miss any of their winning trades again.
  • Take part of our Achievements system and get a reward.
  • Increase your followers and become a NAGA Influencer.
  • Enjoy fast withdrawals of your profits and full data privacy.


According to NAGA’s terms & conditions, you are required to upload your proof of identity (POI) along with your proof of residence (POR). Your verification makes sure NAGA TRADER is a safe and trade-friendly platform for all users.

Requirements for POI documents:

  • Your full name
  • A unique ID number
  • Your birth date
  • Your birthplace
  • A visible photo
  • Your nationality
  • Your signature

Passport and National ID will in most cases include the information that is required.

Requirements for POR documents:

  • Not older than 6 month
  • Issue date clearly visible
  • Has to contain all pages issued
  • Full name of the supplier/bank
  • Full bill number/bank account number
  • Your full name

Energy/water/gas supplier bill, Landline telephone bill or a bank account statement will in most cases include the information that is required. 


To open a live account, download the NAGA TRADER app, or visit the NAGA TRADER website and press the Sign Up button to enter your chosen username, a valid email address, and a secure password for your account.

After you have provided the required data and confirmed your e-mail address, NAGA TRADER presents you with a click on Upgrade Now to upgrade your account to a LIVE account. You can initiate the upgrade from NAGA Trader or the Member Area as well.

During the account upgrade process, you will have the possibility to upload the required documents.


  • Please double check the required documents that you select for the upload.
  • Please make sure that the uploaded documents are clearly visible.
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