We recommend all users to have only one account because in normal cases no more accounts are needed. Your NAGA Account is your universal access point to NAGA services like NAGA COIN, NAGA TRADER, NAGA MARKETS, and more. You can use one email and password to sign in to all of these services.


Please contact our support team to close your second NAGA account, our support team will then discuss with you all further steps for account closure.

Please contact us via the connected email address, account closing requests cannot be processed from a third party account for data protection reasons.


Online Support
Through the NAGA website, you can start a Live Chat with the support team.

E-Mail Support
Of course, you can contact us also via email. After sending an email to [email protected] you will receive immediately a contact confirmation with your ticket number.

Phone Support
Our customer support team is always happy to talk to you in person. Just give us a call +49 40-4011-9222.

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