If you made a deposit with a credit card your funds will be deposited instantly. However, if your deposit is made via wire transfer it will take 2-3 business days (EU) or 6 business days (NON-EU).

If you made a wire transfer, please check with your bank that the transaction was successful and was not declined.

If you deposit more than €2000 and your account is not verified your funds will not be accredited to your account.


  • Widget - On the NAGA Trader website, you will find a contact button with the text HELP on the bottom, clicking on it allows you to quickly and easily create a ticket.
  • Online Support - Through the NAGA website, you can also start a Live Chat with the support Team, our support team is more than happy to assist you.
  • Email Support - Of course, you can contact us also via email, after sending an email to [email protected] you will receive immediately a contact confirmation with your ticket number.
  • Phone Support - Our customer support team is always happy to talk to you in person. Just give us a call +49 40-4011-9222.


Remember that we can not accept payments from third parties.

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