Auto copying is one of the key functions of NAGA  enabling you to replicate the activities of experienced traders and receive their knowledge on trading.

In case you are unable to auto-copy a trader, read the possible reasons below:

  • Not enough funds: If you are trying to auto-copy a trader with a fixed amount, make sure you have sufficient funds.¬†
  • Low margin ratio: In the auto-copy settings, make sure your margin level is high enough to open a new trade once a trader initiates a trade on his/her side. Auto-copied trades can be discarded if your margin level is too low in the moment a trade takes place.

You can check why the position has not been copied on your timeline.

If none of the methods above have worked or if you are still experiencing problems with the Auto-Copy feature, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our staff. We are happy to assist you in all matters. We are convinced that there is a solution for every request.

We hope this guide was helpful. Read more articles in the Help Center. If you still have questions contact Support Center directly via [email protected]¬†

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