Whenever you want to, you can copy the trades of other successful traders on NAGA Trader.


Follow the guide below to copy a trade:

  • Go to the Top Traders section in the Menu. 
  • Choose a top trader you would like to copy a trade of, and click his/her profile picture. This will take you to the trader's profile page.
  •  Look through his/her trades in the feed, choose the one you believe is going to be profitable for you, and click Copy Trade.
  • Define the amount you want to invest, and confirm your choice by pressing Copy Trade


Whenever a trade is opened, it can be copied by other traders. For every trade copied by other users, NAGA Trader will pay you a copy bonus according to the volume of the copied trade.

When a User creates a trade and publishes it, it will be displayed in the Trade Feed and can be copied by other NAGA Trader users. Whenever a NAGA Trader User copies another User, the initiator of the trade will receive a push-notification as a real-time notification of how much Bonus has made. The income depends on the number of copiers of the User’s trade and the capital that User “moves”. These Terms and Conditions including the NAGA Trader Copy Bonus structure are subject to change at NAGA Trader’s discretion, at any time. Users can payout this copy Bonus at any time.

This Formula shows how exactly the Bonus is calculated:

Bonus: (in the Live Account currency) = (Notional Volume * Rate of copied and traded instrument's base currency to USD / 1,000,000 USD) * 50 USD * 2 * Rate of USD to Live Account's currency.

Explanations: this multiplier (2) means that NAGA Trader pays a doubled Bonus for a round-turn trade.

Note: NAGA Trader pays up to 50$ in copy bonus per $1,000,000 traded volume. The actual amount may vary between $10 and $50 and is subject to the decision of the company. 

We hope this guide was helpful. Read more articles on how to use NAGA Trader in the Help Center. If you still have questions, сontact Support Center directly via [email protected]

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